While people all over the world deal with insect pests in their homes, one zoo is actually trying to bring one back to life so to speak. The Lord Howe Island stick insect, which is also known as the tree lobster, was previously thought to have been extinct for more than eight decades. However, the San Diego Zoo is now bringing the insect back by hatching 300 of the insect’s eggs after the insects were found living on the volcano remnant known as Ball’s Pyramid off of Australia’s coast in 2001. The hatch time of the eggs is two weeks, and while the eggs are currently not on display. Let’s just hope that as Lord Howe Island stick insect numbers grow that it doesn’t become one of the known household pests like ants and other crawling insects.





NBC 7 San Diego

Insect Once Thought Extinct Bred at Zoo

It may not be Jurassic Park, but the San Diego Zoo entomology department received 300 eggs last weekend from a critically endangered stick insect. The Lord Howe Island stick insect or tree lobster, thought extinct for over 80 years, was rediscovered in …

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