A woman visiting a spider exhibit at the London Zoo says a spider bit her at the exhibit. She allegedly had to get an abscess removed at the hospital because of a spider bite. Zoo officials, however, say that the type of spider in the exhibit would not likely bite people.




The Guardian

Zoo visitor claims she was bitten by spider

A golden orb spider, which makes naturally golden silk. London Zoo described the arachnids on show as ‘all docile spiderspecies that spend the majority of their time stationary on their webs and are considered highly unlikely to bite’. Photograph …’I was bitten by spider at London Zoo walkthrough exhibit,’ claims Muay Thai …Evening StandardArachnohobes look away! This HUGE spider was just found in an Irish homeSunday WorldNumber of false widow spiders entering Milton Keynes homes set to riseMilton Keynes oneMKall 4 news articles »


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