In California, the bats have arrived early. Experts believe it may be due to the drought. In the evenings right up until the middle of September, bats can be seen flying out from a Yolo County underpass where they sleep during the day. The number of bats that are flying each evening is amazing- over 250,000 of them.




CBS News

Hundreds of thousands of bats swarm California sky

YOLO COUNTY — It is quite the sight. Hundreds of thousands of bats take a daily flight from a highway underpass into the California night sky searching for food, reports CBS Sacramento. The underpass acts as a makeshift bat cave for more than 250,000 …Bats, man: Swarms amaze in CAWECT-TV6Drought Has Yolo County Batnado Peaking Early As Bats Search For WaterCBS Localall 4 news articles »

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