A type of parasitic wasp called Dinocampus coccinellae forces unsuspecting ladybugs into being bodyguards for their offspring by injecting them with a virus and a wasp egg. The virus replicates within the wasp egg and once the egg hatches, the ladybug becomes paralyzed. The immobile ladybug is then a bodyguard for the hatched wasp young, watching over its cocoon.




National Geographic

Wasp Zombifies Ladybugs Using Virus as Bio-Weapon—a First

A tiny parasitic wasp injects a virus into ladybugs that turns them into zombie bodyguards for its young, a new study says. The discovery of Dinocampus coccinellae’s secret biological weapon, and its bizarre effect on the spotted lady beetle …Biological Warfare: ParasiticWasp Uses A Virus To Control Its HostDiscover Magazine (blog)Wasp virus turns ladybugs into zombie babysittersScience AAASCooperative ControlScientist (blog)all 6 news articles »


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