Some people have pet dogs or cats, but not Ms Donovan of Australia. She prefers pet spiders. And not just any spider, either. Ms Donovan has a pet Golden Orb Spider, which is venomous, and she lets the spider walk on her face. Her spider, named Coraline, is pregnant so Ms Donovan will soon have more venomous Golden Orb Spider “pets”. She describes Coraline as ‘gentle.’ Not surprisingly, Ms Donovan also likes other insects and also lets them walk on her face.




Daily Mail

Woman lets her venomous pet Golden Orb Spider crawl on her FACE

All spiders and insects should be respected and handled by someone that has experience,’ she added. Golden Orb Spiders are often found in dry open forest and woodlands and are known to make sticky, wheel-shaped webs between shrubs and trees, …and more »

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