Although ants don’t have noses the way that humans have noses, they are good at detecting smells. Using hydrocarbon compounds to recognize other ants in the colony, they are able to differentiate between worker ants and queens. They are also able to know if an ant is a part of their colony or an enemy colony. 





Ants Are Really Good at Sniffing Out Enemies—Literally

Ants use chemicals called pheromones to communicate, laying trails to, for instance, lead their comrades to food. It’s a brilliant little adaptation: essentially a shout of “hey, over here” that lasts a really long time. It’s especially convenient …How can ants tell each other apart? Why, with their crazy refined sense of smell.Washington PostSupersniffing Ants Smell Things Humans Can’tLive SciencePublic Release: 13-Aug-2015 When it comes to body odor, ants are connoisseursEurekAlert (press release)Phys.Orgall 5 news articles »

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