Mice that were put on a sleep/wake cycle that resembled the sleep/wake cycle of shift workers had an increase in their weight and an earlier rate of breast cancer. The study suggests that when the natural sleep/wake cycle is disrupted it could lead to these types of health problems. However, the mice did carry a gene that is similar to the BRCA gene. This gene increases the likelihood of  breast cancer in both mice and humans.



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Mimicking Shift Work Schedule In Mice Leads To Weight Gain And Cancer : LIFE

When scientists disrupted the natural light-dark cycles of day and night, mice exhibited significantly earlier onset of breast cancer and gained more weight than those on a more natural schedule. The findings add to mounting evidence that shift work …Poor sleeping patterns link to cancer – BBC News Disrupted Sleep Cycles Linked To Breast Cancer: Shift Work May Be Dangerous …Medical Daily Night shifts ‘linked to increased breast cancer risk’ – Health News – NHS Choices CBS Local -Wired.co.uk -State Column all 110 news articles »

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