A study was conducted by scientists in order to measure hamster happiness. Hamsters were first placed in a bare minimum environment with just a running wheel, cardboard tubes, and thin bedding. Then, they were placed in a more enriched environment with thicker bedding and more stimulus.

At the beginning of the study, scientists trained the hamsters to choose a sugary water or a bitter water placed in two different areas. Then, a mystery drinking tube was put in-between the sweet and bitter water tubes. They found that hamsters in the boring environment went for the mystery water less often than the hamsters placed in the enriched environment. Thus, hamsters in the enriched environment were more optimistic about the chance of drinking sweet water than the hamsters in the duller environment.




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Rodents like hamsters only need to scamper about to boost their mood

Scientists have finally found the key to happiness – but only if you’re a hamster. It seems that all the rodents need to boost their mood is a swing in a hammock or a scamper around a ledge. A UK study to measure the mood of the animals found that in …How to Tell If a Hamster Is Truly Happy Discovery News How to tell if your hamster is happy Science /AAAS Hamsters happier when in hammocks, study finds BT.com all 18 news articles »

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