Why anyone would WANT to make a mouse not fearful of cats is anyone’s guess, but that’s exactly what researchers in Russia did. By exposing mice under two weeks old to the scent of cat urine while they were being fed milk, they grew up with positive associations with the smell of cats. So, the mice are unable to get away from cats as adults. Interestingly, even though the mice behavior towards cats changed as a result of the research, they still became stressed when exposed to the smell of cats.





Early exposure to cat urine makes mice less likely to escape from cats

Mice that are exposed to the powerful smell of cat urine early in life do not escape from cats later in life. Researchers at the A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russia, have discovered thatmice that smell cat urine early in life …Smelling Cat Urine Turns Baby Mice Into Willing VictimsGizmodoall 2 news articles »

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