Ok, so in reality rats cannot gamble like humans gamble with money and card games. However, a study done on lab rats has brought to light some of the elements that may contribute to gambling addictions in humans. The University of British Columbia study found that lab rats exposed to loud music and lights in a rat version of a casino exhibited the same behaviors as people with gambling problems. By blocking a dopamine receptor in the rats, the researchers made the rats behave less like gambling addicts. It is important to note that some of the rats already exhibited gambling addiction behavior and they were not affected by the dopamine blockers as much as the rats who did not naturally exhibit gambling addiction behavior.



Tech Times

Flashing Lights, Music Turn Rats Into Problem Gamblers With Riskier Choices

A new study conducted by the University of British Columbia revealed that incorporating flashing lights and loud music to gambling “spices up” risky decision-making. By studying labrats, the team of experts found that the animals acted like problem …

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