A video was posted to YouTube showing a rat fighting a pigeon on a New York sidewalk. The fight lasted for several minutes before the rat won and dragged off its prey. A rat fighting a pigeon is not something you see everyday, and one person heard in the video admitted that “You only see this in New York.”




New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

VIDEO: Rat takes down pigeon in epic battle on Brooklyn sidewalk

In a nearly 3-minute video uploaded on YouTube by John Freud, a feisty rat can be seen sparring with a pigeon in the battle for New York City’s unofficial mascot. While the pigeon tries to escape, the smaller rat successfully takes it down and carries …Pigeon Rat Is the Brutal, Cold-Hearted Bitch of a Hero New York City DeservesGawker​WATCH killer rat catches and eats pigeon on sidewalkNorth Devon JournalBrooklyn rat attacks and kills pigeon on street in front of shocked passersbyDaily Mail9news.com.au -Fusionall 46 news articles »

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