Fossils of a prehistoric predator related to spiders have been found in Iowa. The Pentecopterus decorahensis was a sea scorpion that was five feet long. Aren’t you happy this sea scorpion is not still around today?




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5-Foot-Long Spider Relative Found in Iowa

A human-sized prehistoric relative of spiders has just been discovered in northeastern Iowa, according to a new study. The previously unknown species of sea scorpion, Pentecopterus decorahensis, was named after an ancient Greek warship, the penteconter …Meet the scorpion’s prehistoric, bigger, badder cousinCNN InternationalMeet Pentecopterus, a new predator from the prehistoric seasYale NewsNew Fossil: Grasping, Armored, Greekship-like PredatorNature World Newsall 218 news articles »

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