Parasitic wasps are known for their strange ability to use caterpillars to their advantage for their larvae, which eventually kills the caterpillars in the process. However, these wasps may have inadvertently helped caterpillars in the process of using them for their own gain. A study shows that parasitic wasps have actually genetically modified monarch butterflies. Now, the butterflies have more of a resistance to the baculviruses pathogen. It is thought that this resistance helps to keep the caterpillars alive long enough for wasp larvae to get the nutrients they need. However, this resistance actually ended up helping the butterflies in the end.






GMO Butterflies, Made Naturally by Parasitic Wasps

There are tens of thousands of wasp species that make their living by parasitizing other insects, like butterflies andmoths. In a typical scenario, a parasitoid wasp stings a caterpillar, injecting eggs or larvae (depending on the species) into the …Wasps have injected new genes into butterfliesScience /AAASHow Wasps Use Viruses to Genetically Engineer CaterpillarsThe AtlanticParasitic WaspsGenetically Enslave -New Scientistall 10 news articles »

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