Renters in the UK are having to live with non-paying roommates in the form of pests. One in nine homes that are rented in the UK have infestations such as mice, cockroaches, and fleas. Almost half of renters that took a poll reported dealing with poor conditions like mice, cockroach, and flea infestations.




Half a million rented homes INFESTED with FLEASMICE and COCKROACHES

Half a million rented homes INFESTED with FLEASMICE andCOCKROACHES. ONE in nine rented homes are blighted with infestations of mice and cockroach, a shock new report has revealed. By Tom Batchelor. PUBLISHED: 16:00, Wed, Oct 14, 2015 …Tenants hell as ratsmice and cockroaches are invading 500000 homes every year One in ten rented homes infested with rats and mice, shock study reveals Birmingham Mail Ratsmice and cockroaches are a problem in 1 in 9 privately-rented homes BBC News Lincolnshire Echo -BOB fm (press release) -The Northern Echo all 30 news articles »

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