Hobo spiders have infested the home of a Missoula, Montana resident. The man said the spiders were getting in his home through crevices and cracks. After setting up insect traps, a large amount of hobo spiders got caught in the traps. The homeowner even photographed the spiders that were caught in the traps. Experts say cooler weather is prompting the spiders to find warm homes to live in.





Hobo spiders invade Montana home, northeast United States

A Montana homeowner got a creepy crawly surprise when he discovered hobo spiders invading through the cracks and crevices of his home. Just one day after setting up a spider trap, the homeowner captured several photos of the arachnids nearly …Hobo spiders invading Montana homesUPI.comHobo spiders swarm MT homesWHNS GreenvilleToday in NOPE: Hordes of hobospiders invade Montana homes to escape the coldRaw Storyall 12 news articles »

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