Unless you have an appreciation for bats, you will want to stay away from Bracken Cave. This is the home of the biggest bat colony, and it contains as many as 20 million bats. The free-tail bats fly out of the cave in a big bat mass that almost resembles a batnado as they swirl around in the sky. Photographer and filmaker Cristian Dimitrius along with conservationist Fran Hutchins have captured a video of the bats exiting the cave that shows the cave’s large amount of bat residents.




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Watch the World’s Largest Bat Colony Take Stunning Flight From Inside a Cave

The video above shows a particularly eventful visit to Bracken Cave. According to Bat Conservation International, Bracken Cave—located just outside of San Antonio, Texas—is the summer home of the world’s largest bat colony. We hope you like bats, …


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