An Israel based company is training mice that can smell explosives to do airport security. Apparently, they have a nose that rivals that of dogs. Before you go thinking the mice will be running rampant, the mice will actually be contained in cages strategically placed in the airport. Besides explosives, mice can be trained to detect other kinds of smells, like drugs or African ivory.





Israeli company trains mice for airport security

An Israeli company is promoting explosive-sniffing mice as the next must-have for airport security, the Independent website reports. Mice can detect explosives far more effectively than humans, dogs or machines and are easier to train, according to …Sniffer mice are being trained in Israel to detect explosives at airportsThe IndependentIsraeli firm trains sniffer mice for airport securityTimes of IndiaAirports could use sniffer MICE to catch terrorists and Technology -micebtnall 8 news articles »

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