Greg Lane of Chicago Honeybee Rescue was tasked with removing a beehive in a tree near an apartment building. While most people wouldn’t even think about going near a beehive, let alone touching it, Lane did both without a bee suit or gloves. Observers even took bets to see how many bee stings Lane would get. Remarkably, he was stung zero times. When he was done, Lane loaded the bees up in his Subaru in a box with no lid. Don’t worry, he at least rolled up the windows.





Would You Grab a Hive With 40000 Bees With Your Bare Hands? This Guy Does

Greg Lane inches away from 40,000 bees without gloves or a bee suit while rescuing a colony in a tree in Englewood. [DNAinfo/Sam Cholke]. HYDE PARK — There were 40,000 bees flying freely around Greg Lane’s Subaru station wagon as he drove out of …Honey prices spike as bee population declines KOAT Albuquerque Beekeepers try to keep bees — and livelihoods — from going extinct Idaho Statesman The Bees by Laline Paull Brighton & Hove Independent Stackyard all 6 news articles »


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