A man in Munice, Indiana is living next door to mice, snakes, and groundhogs, yet there is little he can do about it. The pests are living in an abandoned house that is not on the city’s to-do list. Willie Thomas has had a snake slither on his porch. Even his dogs are getting sick of all the pests- one of his dogs killed a groundhog and an annoyed Thomas threw it back to the abandoned house it came from. Sometimes, as this story shows, pest control is left up to you. Thankfully there are pest control products you can use to protect your home from being invaded by pests.




Muncie Star Press

Abandoned house spawns snakes, mice

MUNCIE – Willie Thomas appears to be stuck indefinitely with neighbors including snakes, mice and groundhogs. The city says it can’t mow the weeds, remove the trash or demolish the abandoned house next door to Thomas that is spawning the pests …


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