Australian camel hunter Reginald Foggerdy is very lucky. He was lost in the Australian desert for six days without food or water. He got lost while hunting. He says that eating ants helped him stay alive before he was found nearly a week later.





Police: Lost hunter survives 6 days without water by eating ants

Ants and other insectsare highlighted as possible sources of nutrients by survival experts, but it’s still extraordinary that Foggerdy managed to stay alive for so long in a region where temperatures frequently soar above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 …Man survives 6 days in desert without water by eating antsFox News Australian camel-hunter eats ants during six days lost in Outback BBC News Lost hunter survives six days without water by eating ants FOX31 Denver Washington Post -New York Post -Discovery News all 272 news articles »

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