A woman with symptoms such as heart palpitations and fatigue during exercise went to the hospital to find out what was causing the symptoms. The cause was actually an undiscovered head lice infestation. The infestation of head lice was so severe that the woman had anemia. After receiving iron tablets and lice shampoo the woman is doing better.




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Woman becomes anaemic after infestation of HEAD LICE sucked her blood

A woman was shocked when doctors discovered an unusual cause for her severe iron deficiency – she was heavily infested with head lice. The lice were sucking at her blood, causing loss of iron, which is carried around the body in red blood cells …Woman Hospitalised Due To Severe Iron Deficiency Possibly Caused By Head Lice …Huffington Post UKDoctors reveal perils of hair pins, head lice and herbal medicineBT.comall 54 news articles »

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