A mild winter followed by a dry spring has given German wasps a head start on their duties as the queen wasps have stopped laying their eggs already. Now that the worker wasps don’t need to hunt for food to feed other wasps, they are taking advantage of feeding themselves. Their favorite food seems to be the barbecues of British residents, who are being stung by the wasps. German wasps are two times bigger than average wasps, and their stings are more painful.




Drunk, angry German wasps are ‘terrorizing’ barbecues in the U.K.

Aggressive, bored and ‘drunk’ German wasps (Vespula germanica) are terrorising the UK as a result of a mild winter and dry spring, pest controllers have warned. The worker wasps have finished their chores, and as a result, are free to go out and occupy …Buzz off! 5 ways wasps ruin our summer funBT.comBored, drunk and angry German wasps on the rampage across BritainDaily Mail​Bored, angry and drunk German wasps set to invade the south of EnglandNorth Devon JournalEssex Chronicle -Gloucester Citizenall 12 news articles »

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