A flea found in amber is a new genus and a new species. The flea has characteristics which differentiate it from known fleas. In fact, its name is Atopopsyllus which is Greek for “strange flea”. The new flea species has five-segmented maxillary palps, whereas most fleas only have four. The discovery was made by Roberta Poinar, the wife of entomologist Dr. George Poinar, Jr. from Oregon State University. GOOGLE NEWS- SOURCE

EurekAlert (press release)

Public Release: 15-Sep-2015 Previously unknown flea genus and species …

Dr. George Poinar, Jr., an entomologist from Oregon State University, has found a fossilized flea the like of which he has never seen. Its basic characteristics are so strange, he says, that it deserves its own genus. And in fact, the name of the genus … View original

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