Bees are being turned into “zombies” by Apocephalus borealis, a parasitic fly. These flies lay eggs in the bees. After hatching, the larvae eat the nervous system and muscle system of the bees. This ruins the bees’ brains, and eventually the larvae leaves the bees by exiting between the thorax and the head.




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Parasitic Fly Plagues “Zombie Bees

From pesticides and mites to habitat loss, honey bees already have the odds of survival stacked against them. Now another spreading threat has some colonies turning into “Zombie Bees.” A parasitic fly, Apocephalus borealis, is causing honey bees to act …Zombie Bees Detected In New YorkImmortal NewsAs ‘ZomBee’ horde moves eastward, will threat to colonies increase?Nature World ReportFlies turning bees into zombie bees finally making them dieNYC TodayMorning Ticker -Albany Times Union -Council Chronicleall 47 news articles »

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