Who knew an insect could be so potentially destructive as to cause an entire state to be quarantined? The emerald ash borer, an insect native to China, was found in Dorchester and Queen Anne’s counties in Maryland. This particular beetle species is a wood boring beetle. Emerald ash borers have already destroyed countless trees in the eastern and midwest parts of the U.S. A quarantine is already in effect for counties that are west of the Susquehanna and the Chesapeake Bay. Under the quarantine, hardwood is not allowed to be moved from the areas under quarantine to any Eastern Shore location.






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Invasive beetle found on ShoreMy Eastern Shore

The discovery — it also was found in Baltimore and Harford counties — is expected to bring the whole state under a federal quarantine to safeguard against the beetle‘s further spread. The pest in question is the “highly destructive” emerald ash borer …

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