Argentine ants, tropical ants from South America, have been sighted in the UK on more than one occasion. These are not your typical ants. Argentine ants have large teeth which they use to chew through electrical wires. Once an Argentine ant has chewed through an electrical wire, it will have jerky movements. These jerky movements have earned Argentine ants the nickname “crazy ants.” These ants can carry diseases such as salmonella and streptococcus infections, so the food industry is at risk if these ants start invading the UK on a larger scale.




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Disease Carrying ‘Crazy Ants‘ From South America Poised To Invade The UK

UK is seeing more and more tropical ant invasions as a new specie of the said insect has been detected again. The “crazy ants,” as many call it, exhibit jerky movements upon munching on electrical wiring and are known to cause diseases such as …There Are ‘Killer Crazy Ants‘ In Birmingham Which are ‘Addicted’ to ElectricityBreitbart News’Crazy ants‘ that spread disease are invading Britain from’Crazy ants‘ invading Britain from Argentina – bring disease with themGet SurreyWestern Daily Pressall 21 news articles »


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