A study done by U.S., Australian, and French scientists found that ant performance doesn’t decline with age. The Pheidole dentata ant was the species being studied. Insects like ants are used for studies on aging because they divide their labor according to rank. The queens lay the eggs while the worker ants do all the work.

The study found that elderly ants cared for offspring as well as younger ants, sniffed out scent trails as well as or even better than the younger ants, and were able to attack a fruit fly. The ant’s brains also showed that the old ants still had a high level of cognition.




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Old Age Doesn’t Affect Ants

Eusocial insects, like honey bees and ants, are unique subjects for ageing research. They divide labour by caste. Workers tend larvae and queens, forage outside the nest, and take care of household activities. Soldiers defend the nest against intruders.


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