Caution: Don’t read this article before eating fast food, or you may just lose your lunch. An Iowa woman claims to have found more than potatoes in her McDonald’s french fries. She is suing the restaurant after she allegedly found a fried cockroach with her french fry order. Whether or not a cockroach was actually in with the fries remains to be seen- restaurant owners are dismissing the claim. One thing is for certain, though- the next time I order french fries, I will be examining them extra closely before digging in.




The Daily Nonpareil

Red Oak woman sues over cockroach in McDonald’s French fries

The Daily Nonpareil15, 2013, according to court documents. In her lawsuit against Kosmith, Inc., owner of the McDonald’s location, Wilkinson said that when the pair arrived home and opened their meals, she “observed a French-fried cockroach among the French fries.” …


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