A woman in China couldn’t figure out why her ear was itching. So, she went to the doctor who made a startling discovery.  A centipede was in her ear canal. The centipede was killed with a saline solution and pulled out of her ear with tweezers. What’s even scarier is that some centipedes are venomous.




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Doctors pull centipede out of woman’s ear

A woman with an itchy ear in China learned the source of her discomfort was an unwelcome visitor: a centipede that had crawled into her ear canal. The unnamed woman went to the emergency room at Yangzhou Hospital in Jiangsu, an eastern coastal …CENTIPEDE pulled from woman’s ear canal after crawling inside while she was asleepDaily MailDoctor pulls centipede out of woman’s ear in eastern province of Jiangsu, ChinaHerald SunCreepy crawly … the bite of a centipede can cause pain, swelling and fever …NEWS.com.auall 18 news articles »

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