While the idea of a brewery in a cave may seem cool and unique, it comes with its problems. Caves are the natural habitat of bats, and Blue Blood Brewery’s new location that will be at Robber’s Cave in Lincoln, Nebraska is already seeing its fair share of bats. The Northern Long-Eared bats, which are almost considered endangered species, are living the cave. Brian Podwinski, owner of Blue Blood Brewery, is planning on designating an area of the cave just for the bats. Other parts of the caves will be used for tours.






Rare Bats Complicate Brewery Construction


The habitat will use one of the three major tunnels in Robber’s Cave, and the bats will be able to get in and out through an existing manhole. Harms said Podwinski and the crew have been doing a great job of keeping it warm in the cave and monitoring …

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