Ants have found a way to survive the recent floods in South Carolina. As the waters rose, the ants linked together to form living ant rafts that float on the water. Ants have been known to float on the surface of floodwaters. If you see one of these floating ant rafts in South Carolina, it would be wise not to approach it as the ants are likely red imported fire ants which bite people.





Fire ants create floating rafts to face South Carolina flooding

As floodwaters from the storm that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and others have termed a 1-in-1,000-year event ravaged the state, several photographers captured what appeared to be mounds of floating fire ants. Amid the devastation caused by …How Ants Survive Flooding by Forming Giant RaftsNational GeographicAn invasive species of ant is handling South Carolina’s floods better than humansBusiness InsiderIslands of Ants Floating in South Carolina FloodDiscovery NewsNew York Post -Christian Science Monitorall 49 news articles »


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