The Sunburst Diving Beetle has very interesting eyes. This beetle actually has a bifocal lens that lets it see things close up and far away. While it is a larvae, the Sunburst Diving Beetle reshapes its eyes and when it molts it regrows its eyes in only one hour.





This Newly-Discovered Beetle Can Reshape Its Own Eyes


The Sunburst Diving Beetle has great eyesight, in part due to a bifocal lens. The larvae of the beetle go through multiple molting periods in their trek to adulthood—which means it reshapes its own eyes. In the picture below we see two different …This Beetle Has Built-In Biofocals Gizmodo India Research reveals new discoveries on a bug with bifocalsPhys.Org Bugs with Bifocals: New Insight into Complex Insect Eyesight Science World Report all 6 news articles »

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