A neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona was attacked by a  swarm of bees. Even a firefighter wearing protective gear was stung 40-50 times once the bees flew in his protective hood. Six people were stung, with four having to be hospitalized. Thankfully, those that were hospitalized are doing better. The source of the bee swarm may have been a hive that was disturbed.




New York Post

Apocalyptic bee storm attacks Arizona neighborhood

Thousands ofbees swarmed through a suburban Phoenix neighborhood, stinging six people, including four who had to be hospitalized, before firefighters drove them off with foam and fire hoses. One of the victims in the Tuesday evening bee attack in …Bee attack in Gilbert sends 4 to hospitalazcentral.com Bees on the Attack WSAV-TV Bee swarm stings toddler, Arizona firefighter 50-100 times in the face New York Daily News Headlines & Global News all 46 news articles »

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