Bees may be able to fly on earth, but there is a learning curve in outer space. Fourteen bees that were sent to space in a NASA experiment in 1982 tried to fly in the zero gravity conditions but they “tumbled” instead. NASA scientists did note that the bees might have had fatigue due to lack of food. In a week long 1984 experiment, bees that tried flying ended up running into the chamber walls in which they were encapsulated but they actually demonstrated the ability to fly at the end of the experiment.




This is What Happened When NASA Sent Bees to Space – One small buzz for bees, one giant flutter for bee-kind.

NASA has done all kinds of wild and imaginative experiments in space—such as successfully brewing beer in space to (unsuccessfully) growing mouse embryos. We’ve sent sea urchins, fish, amphibians, birds, and even bees to space. Why? Just bee-cause.

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