Coffee: It’s not just for humans anymore. Flowers containing caffeinated nectar is the bee’s knees to, well, bees. Caffeine laden nectar does have its disadvantages for bees, though. Foraging behavior increases in bees that drink nectar containing caffeine, however the bees take frequent “coffee” breaks while ignoring flowers that have caffeine free nectar.




Washington Post

Bees love caffeine, too — and tricky flowers take advantage

It turns out that honeybees can be quite the little caffeine addicts. And just as your local coffee shop takes advantage of your addiction to keep you coming back, flowers with caffeine-laced nectar keep bees buzzing for more. According to a study …Caffeine Makes For Busy Bees, Not Productive OnesNational GeographicBuzzing bees can’t resist caffeinated nectarPhys.OrgCaffeinated plants give bees a buzzBBC -Science News (blog) 11 news articles »

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