What’s this about a bee czar?  A non-profit organization harvests feral bees and rents them out to farmers to pollinate their plants.  The organization is run by a man that has been dubbed the Bee Czar.  Bee Killers are one option, and harvesting the feral bees for pollination is another.


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Bizarre News About the Bee CzarI

A nonprofit organization has gotten started in Central Texas with a solution that could travel to other locations. The American Honey Bee Protection Agency & Central Texas Bee Rescue has taken on the protection of feral bees. The nonprofit survives with donations, with taking in small fees for bee removal, and, of course, with sales of honey. If somebody feels threatened by a swarm and cannot afford the fee, they are asked to pay what they can afford, but the bees are “rescued.”

This organization is the brainchild of a beekeeper named Walter Schumacher, who is currently employed by Prairie View A&M University to develop a master bee-handling course. Schumacher calls himself the “Bee Czar.” The Bee Czar has found one colony a home on top of the luxurious W Hotel in downtown Austin, where the bees pollinate the rooftop garden and the hotel uses the honey in their restaurant and in spa treatments.


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Bizarre News About the Bee Czar – Indian Country Today Media Network

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