Fire Departments are used to battling fires on a daily basis, but one fire department in Bellafontaine, Ohio had a different kind of battle to fight- bed bugs. When bed bugs were found in the living quarters of the fire department, city officials had to take drastic measures to eliminate the infestation. First, they used high heat to kill the bed bugs and took away the carpet that was in the living quarters. Then, they instructed the firefighters to keep their civilian clothes in a plastic bin at the station and to keep their uniforms at the station so they don’t have an infestation at their own homes. Even with all these measures, one of the firefighters did find a bed bug in his home, but it was thankfully not alive. 



Springfield News Sun

Fire department deals with bed bug infestation

Bellefontaine Examiner

Fire and biomedical protective gear are no match for the now almost ubiquitous bed bug, Bellefontaine firefighters and paramedics learned this month. The critters were discovered in the sleeping quarters of the Bellefontaine Fire and EMS Department …

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