Ants that were infected by a harmful fungus treated themselves with hydrogen peroxide. New Scientist reported that ants were able to choose between eating a solution containing hydrogen peroxide and one containing honey. It’s important to note that hydrogen peroxide is not good for insects, however it can help protect them from pathogens. The ants that were infected with the fungus ate the hydrogen peroxide solution, but seemed to do so mindfully. 






Science /AAAS

Ants self-medicate with hydrogen peroxide

For the first time, scientists have observed ants self-medicating to stave off fungal infections, New Scientist reports. In a series of experiments, researchers showed that ants infected with a dangerous fungus had a higher survival rate if they were …Ants Self-Medicate: Taking Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Fungal InfectionNature World NewsEven ants self-medicate themselvesZee NewsAnts self-medicate to fight diseasePhys.OrgTech Times -Laboratory Equipmentall 16 news articles »

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