Ants belonging to the genus Leptogenys have an interesting behavior they use to conquer a millipede, which is much larger than one of the ants. After stinging the millipede to paralyze it, the ants form a chain. First, one ant bites the millipede, and then another ant bites that ant, and the chain goes on. These ant chains can be comprised of as many as fifty two ants. Scientists recorded a video of the ants forming the chain, and they discovered that the ants might also be lifting up the millipede in order to minimize friction.





Crafty Ants Form Conga Lines to Drag Millipedes to Doom

As if you needed another reason to declare ants the most legit insects on Earth, take a look at the video above. Those areants of the genus Leptogenys assaulting a millipede (a harmless consumer of rotten vegetation, as opposed to the venomous …and more »

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