As if you needed a map to tell you that ants are pretty much everywhere, you can now find out which ant species are native to countries all over the world. The website lets you click on countries to see which ant species live there. Australia has over 1,000 native ant species. If you can’t stand ants, consider moving the Greenland, where they have zero native ant species.




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New interactive map shows where the world’s ants are

Ever wonder where the ants are? is here to tell you. The website features a series of interactive maps showing where each of the world’s 15,000 or so known ant species and subspecies roam. The overview shows the total number of species …Where are the world’s ants? First ever map detailing 15000 species launched The Guardian World’s first ant map launched in Hong Kong Business Insider Hong Kong discovers 27 new ant species in less than a year South China Morning Post (subscription) all 42 news articles »

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