Though there are some pretty big rats roaming the streets today, none compare to the ancient rats of Southeast Asia. Rat fossils were found that showed rats were once as large as small dogs. These rats were as much as ten times bigger than modern rats and the largest rat weighed about eleven pounds.




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Fossils of rats as big as dogs found in Southeast Asia

Those rats, according to archaeologists with The Australian National University (ANU) who discovered fossils of seven giant rat species on East Timor, were up to 10 times the size of modern rats. That would make them the largest rats ever known to have …Scientists stunned to find evidence of massive 11-pound rats Morning Ticker Fossils of Dog Sized Rats Spotted in East Timor University Herald Rats Can Grow the Size of Small Dogs Reveals Fossil Evidence Yibada (English Edition)International Business Times UK -Times Gazette -Motherboard -Australian National University all 87 news articles »

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